A group of aspiring adventurers; none with any fame to their name as of yet, travel aboard the Ovstok; a trading vessel out of Sumin, to the island nation of Mara. Their coming together was purely coincidence, all traveling on the same boat, paying their way as deck hands as they search for Awe Asha, a half-ling cartographer rumored to be hiring explorers to map the newly inhabitated island.

Mara is also the name of the islands major hub of civilization, it and the island are both ruled by a small council of seven plutocrats. Much of the island is still untamed, with many of the fighting men sent of; by their plutocratic overloads, as mercenaries in the trade wars between Estos and Brambant, there is much need for a group of adventurers and mercenaries to solve many of the growing issues.

The Island of Mara