Awe Asah

Halfling Cartographer


Tall for a half-ling at 4ft tall, Awe does not mind being mistaken for a Dwarf, (he does have a little facial stubble), however he does despise being mistaken for a Gnome, not for a distaste of Gnomes, but the lack of understanding the human world has for the shorter folk.

Currently living in the summit of Mara Awe is contracted to map the island for his employer; a mysterious being known only as S.


Awe will contact/or be contacted by the party to map the island willing to pay them to map areas of the island as they travel. (5gp per mile squared)

Awe will sell the party a set of Cartography tools at half-price (7.5gp) He will also show the party what has been discovered so far and will not pay them for that, although a bonus will be provided for a full map.

The party can copy Awe’s map in an hour with a Wisdom Check 15, or 2 hours less. (1 ruins the parchment)

Awe Asah

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