Molok Naggok

Half-Orc Cleric of Phi Pho


Under 6 foot Molok is below average for a half-Orc and does not carry the same imposture (although some) as many of his kind. He is however still menacing like and orc and his lack of social skills can see him come of as aggressive.

S – 10 D – 14 C – 14 I – 12 W – 16 C – 8

Chain shirt, Mace, Dagger, Shield, holy symbol,

Insight, Religion, intimidation

Dark-vision, relentless endurance, savage attacks, invoke duplicity.

Spell dc 13, HP:24

An acolyte named Tap accompanies Molok, who has begrudgingly accepted him as his assistant. Acolyte stats. Tap shows some understanding of the nature of Tymora, and Molok is happy to leave the shrine in his hands. However he knows little about ruling Phi Pho itself and often does not interact with the townsfolk unless they interact with him.


Molok, serves his goddess Tymora. He came to Mara several years ago, by her demand, to set up a shrine to worship her a serve a purpose not yet revealed to him.

Using the tricks that Tymora blessed him with he sailed from the eastern kingdom, gathered enough supplies and went to the far corner of the island where he set up his small shrine and hovel. Here he toiled for her for many years, remaining largely independent, although he often found pearls upon the sure, good fortune from his lady, which he used to purchase supplies from Orlenni when necessary.

Molok Naggok

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