Rer Osel

Cleric of the temple of Selune


The Osel family have served Selune for generations, Rer wanted it no other way. He took to healing and quickly found himself a student of the life domain. However, unlike his family, which for generations found themselves dominating positions of influence in the free-cities; all majority worshipers to Selune, Rer was drawn away. He assumed it was the beckoning of his deity and soon found himself in Mara.

Here, he tended to the many ailments that the frontier would inflict upon its citizens and adventures, trying to stand up for the underdogs when he believes his deity would demand it. Due to his connection to Selune, many of the sailors will often attend the temple to ask for protection in journey’s at sea.

Because of this, Rer finds himself with influence among the shipwrights of Mara.

Rer Osel

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