Rosotas Uta

Junior Shipwright of Mara


Physically bland Rosotas’ contributions are of the mind and not the body. He is smart and wise especially for his age of 35. He possess a few blemishes on his scalp which he keeps so close shaven they can be seen. He often where’s clean well tailored clothing but relatively bland, therefore often able to walk the districts without as much attention as his fellow councilors.


Rosotas is the most pleasant of the three shipwright councillors, unlike his fellow; who found their way with family fortunes, Rosotas managed to earn his way to his position. Admittedly his family were relatively wealthy, and he did grow up in the summit his did not have the luxury of throwing money around or have his future paid for.

As a young man he entered into employment of Scopus Sogon when he first began his timber business, after a few years he quickly found himself organising all business between Scopus and the Shipwrights as the most capable member. (As many other found themselves in their positions out of wealth not competency).

Eventually he moved over to the shipwrights, seeing their business as the most fruitful and rewarding, although still a close acquaintance of Scopus and the line of contact between the two businesses.

With the shipwrights backing he now maintains a position on the council of Mara as minister of (Trade, ships, agriculture, fishing, industry, justice, diplomacy) Diplomacy, a fitting role for his rise to power.

Rosotas Uta

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