Hunter turned murderer


Relatively tall and in his mid twenties Tero is strong and fast, necessary skills for a hunter, he has a good constitution and relative wisdom in relevant things. Aggressive at the presence of others, has no wish to return to civilisation and will fight or flee against the proposition.

Effectively Lv -1 Ranger (12hp) – AC 14

St 14
De 14
Co 14
In 8
Wi 12
Ch 8
Strength + Dex Saving throws

Short-bow 4 d62
Hand-axe 4 d62
Dagger 4(2 in off hand) d4+2
Net +4 (DC St-10)
Studded leather armour, Caltrops, (DC Dex-15)(1d1 +10ft moving speed), Healer’s kit (7 uses), Hunting trap (DC Dex-13(DC 13 strength to break(1d1 if fail) (1d4 +0ft moving speed), quiver(20 arrows), 4 days rations, tinder box, 2 torches. 8gp 20sp

Animal Handling, Survival, Stealth
Favoured: Enemy – Beasts, Terrain – Forest,


Tero took up hunting as soon as he could work, native to Mara he knew the surrounding lands well enough and it provided for him over the years; although a struggle at time, not particular charismatic he never found love and often frequented the brothel.

It was there he committed murder, he had grown attached to a prostitute named Corenie, often asking her to leave and live with him; but never persuading her as his profession was less reliable then hers. After finding out the identity of one of her other customers; a fishermen named Mol, he killed the man; stabbing him in the back with his hunting knife and leaving it behind in a haste as nearby residents heard the commotion.

The knife was a gift from his now dead parents, he was quickly identified as the killer but escaped the city by swimming around the walls. After escaping he has fled to the western forests where he would hunt, now eking a living out there hunting in the areas he knows well.


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