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History – The nation of Mara was formed just under 100 years ago, when the first settlers banded together to form a primitive government, however as it grew in size and wealth it quickly turned into a plutocracy as the rich took power with their wealth. With little outside influences from outside it has remained so. In the past 20 years Dwarves have braved the seas and began construction of a small settlement under the islands only mountain; named after the first humanoid to land on the island, a Dwarf named Haaran.

Geography and Weather – The island is almost a perfect square, except for a wide bay on the south side which now currently resides the city of Mara as well as a large section of the north-east side, however at a stretch to see is the much smaller, uninhabited island of Phi Phi. At roughly 400 square miles Mara supports of population of 20000 people, most of which are found in the islands only city Mara (City). For the majority of the year Mara has a stable Meditarian climate, however this can be offset in the winter when storms become more frequent blowing in from the southern seas. Whilst the inhabitants have come to terms with these, inland flooding and a almost complete halt to all sea traffic is often unavoidable.

Government – Mara is ruled by a plutocracy, a council of 7 members, 3 representing the richest group; the merchants. 3 representing the shipwrights, who use their command of the ships to leverage power and position despite their few numbers and limited wealth. The remaining one changes often, as no other professions have the stability to maintain a council place, although the sole owner of the islands timber industry has been in term for two consecutive years.

Economy – Almost every inhabitant of the island has found themselves a fishermen a some point, hundreds of miles from the mainland Mara has rich sea life surrounding it. Between Wulrus populations on cold islands in the south, whales distributed throughout the seas and pearl producing clams that can be found in the shallows of many of the smaller islands in the vicinity of Mara, most notable Phi Phi. The island also possesses some natural resources, such as large swathes of forest, some mineral deposits mostly around and within Haaran as well as some farming potential, however as many of these are found in land they are only just developing and only provide small contributions towards the islands economy.

Society – The vast majority of Mara's population are simple farms and fishermen content in a relatively easy life, on a relatively small island there are few large predators and its recent discovery have meant many of the more undesirable races have yet to make a presence. Whilst there a few magi on the island most serve simply purposes such as healing as the island possesses no sources of the arcane and because of its short history few things of a magical nature have been crafted or discovered on the island. Therefore its people enjoy much peace, however its rulers are the only thing preventing it as they pry for power and wealth.

Main Page

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