Captain Holm Sinki

Captain of the Boar


Aged, and yet still physical, Holm is still 6ft, despite paranoia he’s shrinking, and is a muscular and fit man despite his age of 61.


Holm grew up in Somin, working as a dockworker and fishermen in his earlier years, however Somin was a poor nation and still is. Holm left for Mara gaining passage as a deck man some 40 years ago.

For 30 years he worked similar roles as a dockworker, fishermen, deckhand slowly working his way through the different jobs and ships until he became a captain, although still hiring his boat from the shipwrights from the summit. However, brave and talented he earned enough from dangerous endeavours to eventually purchase his own small sailing vessel; the Boar.

Now he claims the profits of his endeavours for-himself and his workers, quickly making a name in the docks as one of the few morally behaving captains/ship owner. Despite this his expeditions; whilst profitable, still have a reputation for being mad, fool-hardy and dangerous, often leaving him with a lack of labour.

Captain Holm Sinki

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