Saul Avualtan

Half-elf hunter from Orlenni.


Sleek and quick, Saul has the obvious look of a hunter/trapper and ranger about it. When’s he’s not drunk.


His mother was an wood-elf slave owned by a pirate cove on a small island in the Knuckles (series of islands between Mara and Somin. She conceived him not of her will, however during her pregnancy they were rescued by Maran sailors who had been clearing the Knuckles of pirates to better protect their growing trade hegemony.

Saul then grew up in Mara, but with a mother that partially resented him and a lack of a feeling of belonging he took to the forest. He quickly became a proficient hunter and struck out alone at a young age. For years he led a small band of hunters trapping furs and helping out throughout Mara and soon found Orlenni his home. Centred on the island it made it easy for him to strike out into the wild and have a reliable place to call home, somewhere he felt less of an outsider as the normally xenophobic people of the town often need his help when nature takes its toll.

However his most recent expedition; to alleviate Teg Guten of his livestock being slain. Ended awfully. He and three of his fellow hunters stretched out into the northern forest but only he returned, covered in their blood, with only mad ranting to explain it.

Saul Avualtan

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