Linar Pantheon

Tymora – Trickery Domain – CG (Face-up coin)

Goddess of good fortune, a favored patron around Linar, business men and women, criminals, and everyday workers and many more worship Tymora in hopes of blessing to their lives, however she remains ever distant from all but a few, her workings in the world mysterious and appearing random.

Selune – Life – CG (Pair of eyes surrounded by seven stars)

Goddess of the moon, a prime Parton of many of the city nations, seen as a guardian of the sea, whilst not her specific role, her common intervention in Linar to foil Umberlee  and Talos has, if by proxy, made her the savior and protector of thousands of sailors.

Kelemvar - Death LN (Upright skeletal arm holding balanced scales)

God of the dead, whilst few except the estrange regularly worship Kelemvar he is still seen as a protector of the dead against necromancy and a comforter to those who have lost. However his workings are few and far between.

Silvanus – Nature – N (Oak leaf)

God of wild nature, a patron of many non-animalistic druids and prime deity of the woodland realm of Alberi, Silvanus if wildly worshiped, however his interventions and wholly unpredictable even by his most devout followers as he maintains the natural order of things.

Auril – Tempest – NE (Six-pointed snowflake)

Goddess of winter, deity of the northern kingdoms, although many turn to worship her outside of its borders when the winters are bad. Her association with Umberlee means few worshipers of Auril and Selune can meet under pleasant circumstances. It is because of this worship many consider the northerns so brutal, undiplomatic and unpleasent to deal with.

Mystra - Knowledge – NG (Circle of seven starts)

Goddess of magic, a favored patron of all those who are pleased with non-divine magic, whilst many warlocks will have their own deities wizards and sorcerers often pay head to Mystra and her followers, always hoping some task or information may be gained from her association. However she is less keen on those who covert her, and is often distant, and spends much of her efforts quenching magic uses with evil intents. She possesses a temple district at the Valkyrie towers.

Tyr – War – LG (Balanced scales resting of a warhammer)

God of justice, no courthouse outside the north does not contain a shrine to Tyr, and many rulers will pray and donate to the temples for blessings so that their vassals may be convinced they too stand for justice, whether or not it is their intent. Many criminals have been brought to justice through the paladins of Tyr, who are renowned throughout the continent as strong and always with Tyr's backing. He has a order of paladins and knights dedicated to him in Taika, however they have many of shots around the continent, some of which are considered over-pious in their duties by commoners and lords alike.

Lathander – Light – NG (Road traveling into the sunrise)

As god of birth and renewal is often considered the god of the people, many households will contain some small place dedicated to Lathander, especially hereditary businesses and kingdoms, many criminals will pay homage to him if they intend to correct their ways, and those making life-changing decisions and undertakings.)

Linar Pantheon

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