Orlenni Farmsteads

Orlenni possesses a variety of farmsteads around its borders, all producing crops except those of the Guten farmstead, the only produces of livestock besides fishing and hunting on the island.

Run by Araley Karnstead, Short yet intimidating Araley is the largest exporter of grain for a reason, she is harsh and every deal she makes has three motives. However, she is a women of her word, and whilst sometimes not so forthcoming never breaks a deal.

The Gutens
The Guten farmstead is lead by the family head Teg, a tall stubborn man, still retains much muscle from working the fields in his younger years, but now attends the administrative and logistical tasks of running his large profitable farmstead. His wife Magla is the more charismatic of the pair of is often the one dealing with the workers.

A small yet profitable farmstead, possesses a series of fields significantly more fertile then any of their competitors they are relatively wealthy. They are continually trying to expand their business or monopolize the barley production for which they already dominate.

Orlenni Farmsteads

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